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Please read the following course descriptions carefully to verify you are attending the proper class.

All classes are conducted at 1457 Ammons Street STE 103 Lakewood, CO 80214.

This American Heart Association couse is designed for anyone in the medical field requiring CPR training: Nurses; physicians; Emergency Medical Technicians; Paramedics; nursing assistants (CNA's); physical, occupational, respiratory therapists and others.

This is also a great class for personal trainers who require an American Heart Association certification.

Topics include one and two rescuer CPR for the adult, child and infant; Ambu bag (bag mask) and mouth to mask resuscitation; use of the automatic external defibrillator (AED) and team BLS skills. 
Certification: American Heart Association eCard, valid for two years -- usually issued at class.
Length: Three hours, includes skills and written test
Cost: $50 -- the required textbook is NOT included in the cost of the full class.
Your book or eBook must reflect the 2015 BLS Guidelines, copyright 2016. The book must be from American Heart Association. The ebook is available from the American Heart Association -- hardcopy available from Amazon: or the Red Rocks Community College bookstore.
If you have questions not addressed in the above course description, please feel free to text 303-847-3596
Fees paid to Colorado CPR and First Aid LLC for training do not represent income for the American Heart Association. 

You will be required to demonstrate your ability to successfully assess a victim of sudden cardiac arrest, provide compressions and breaths, use an AED, help a choking victim and provide CPR in a multiple rescuer setting.

Skills session requires completion of Heartcode BLS, available online. 

Please note this is NOT an online course. The online portion is a prerequisite for the skills session. Successful completion of BOTH Heartcode BLS online and the skills session is required to receive certification.

Completion of both modules will result in issuance of the American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers certificate.

The certificate is idential to the certificate issued in the full class and is valid for two years. 

Skills sessions are not cancelled due to low attendance. Many skills sessions are conducted on an individual basis. 

Cost: $50 -- this does not include the fee for the online module, available from the American Heart Association at

The PDF of the Heartcode certificate must be emailed prior to the class as described in your confirmation email. 

If you have questions not addressed in the above course description, please feel free to text 303-847-3596. 

This class is approved for non-medical certification needs and complies with OSHA CPR and first aid training standards for the workplace.  

I am an approved vendor of CPR and first aid training for child care providers, camps, schools and foster / adoptive parents in the State of Colorado. 

This is not intended for health care providers or students in health care programs. Please enroll in a BLS for Healthcare Providers (health care provider CPR) course instead.

Topics include checking the victim - disease transmission - legal concerns - adult, child, infant CPR and Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) - choking.

First aid training may be requested during registration. First aid training includes care for victims of illness or injury who do not require CPR. This includes everything from stroke and heart attack to bleeding.
For information on conducting a class at your location, please click here.
Certificate: Valid for two years. Provided on same day.
Ages: 12 and up
Time: 2 hours CPR/AED (2 additional hours for first aid; 1.5 hours online and 0.5 hours in person.)
Cost: $50 CPR/AED only. $60 combined CPR/AED/First Aid
If you have questions not addressed above, please feel free to text 303-847-3596.  

Minutes Matter!

Are you prepared for the first 5 minutes of an emergency? Even if you work in a low-risk area, statistics show that 80% of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur at home!

Benefits to training with me:

  • Experienced, efficient instructor
  • BBB Accredited Business
  • Recognized certification
  • Hands-on skills
  • Low student to manikin ratio
  • Small class sizes

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About Colorado CPR and First Aid, LLC

I provide flexible certification options at a reasonable cost. I focus on smaller groups -- most classes will have ten or fewer participants. In the classroom, my instruction is dedicated towards covering the most important details in an efficient manner. I recognize that while not everyone will have advanced medical knowledge, knowing the basics can significantly reduce death and permanent disability resulting from emergency situations. 



Brandon Christensen is the instructor at Colorado CPR and First Aid LLC. He has about 16 years of experience in health care, ranging from volunteering as a firefighter and EMT to working at a local hospital as a nurse. He has instructed emergency care programs for over 14 years. He has instructor certification from the American Heart Association and American Red Cross.